1. avn238

    Schulich ITD interview final list

    Hi guys, Do you know when the final list of candidates for admission into 2019 cycle for ITD program is released? Uni of Western Ontario?
  2. D

    Ontario Dental Schools 2017-2018

    Hi guys, So I will most likely be applying for Ontario dental schools (UofT & Western) next year but I have some concerns over my marks. The thing is, I hear that many graduate schools like seeing a gradual rise in the student's grade point average (GPA) as they progress through their...
  3. D

    Wanting to meet uwo or utoronto dental students

    Dear all dental students at utoronto or uwo, I am planning to apply to your dental school as an out-of-province applicants. I recently got an opportunity to visit Toronto and would really love to meet some of you one-to-one and know more about your school and hear some advice. My visit is...