vaccine hesitancy

  1. Ccdd

    Nurses Anti-Vax/Antivax

    I’m starting to notice that more and more nurses are anti-vax. Recently, I took my foster children to a new doctor and discussed vaccines. As with any medical care aside from ER services, I have to get approval from their medical social worker through the agency. As I stepped out of the doctor’s...
  2. CavsFan2016

    How do you explain to family members that vaccinations aren't going to kill you.

    I have several family members that are whako and keep going on about all of the "carcinogens" in vaccines. They are so adamant that my sister is considering not vaccinating my newborn nephew. I try to explain to them that literally all of the data over the past 20 years has shown that vaccines...
  3. N

    Healthcare Organization Fall 2015 Clinical Vaccinology Course

    Vaccine hesitancy is an increasing challenge healthcare providers face on a daily basis. Parents, caregivers and patients often receive conflicting messaging in regards to vaccine safety and effectiveness. Communicating efficiently about the importance of vaccines is a key issue for the public...