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    Send Letters after I submit

    Thank you everyone in advance, SDN is always crazy helpful. As a reapplicant i was suggested to not send the same letters of rec. unless there are new ones to read as well. I am only a DO reapplicant. I applied MD also, but it takes so long to validate I'm sure it will come before i even get my...
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    In need of some validation

    So I matched into psychiatry and I am ecstatic. I applied to psychiatry and internal medicine (as a back up) and I was about 75% sure I wanted psychiatry, and 25% IM. So, I went with my gut. As happy as I am, I feel as though I am going to miss IM. But the thought of rounding for countless...
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    Validation and Accreditation in the US

    Good evening, I'm new here to the threads and I am looking for some information for my cousins to become accredited in the United States (Florida). They both have a clinic together and have been practicing for 5 years now. The first one is a Dental Technician and creates dentures, retainers...