virtual fair

  1. Mr.Smile12

    Optometry Virtual Fair June 2, 2022

    From ASCO (I hope the hyperlinks work). Spread the word! COME JOIN US! Learn all about the great career of optometry and all about the Doctor of Optometry programs in one place! It is EASY to register for this FREE event. Save your valuable time by meeting with school representatives in...
  2. therapist2be

    Other OT-Related Information AOTA Virtual Fair

    Hey just in case anyone here is interested, AOTA is hosting a virtual education fair where you'll be able to chat with someone from a bunch of different program about the school and admissions. AOTA informed me about this through email and I already registered. You can look through the list to...
  3. AAMC Pre-med

    2017 Virtual Medical School Fair - February 16

    Hi everyone. The 2017 AAMC Virtual Medical School Fair is Thursday, February 16 from Noon - 8pm ET. Registration is free for students. You can log on and visit 48 medical schools from around the country, Puerto Rico, and Canada, chatting with admissions personnel and current medical students...
  4. AAMC Pre-med

    Health Professions Week: September 26-30 includes free virtual fair

    The AAMC -- along with 18 other health professions -- is celebrating Health Professions Week, September 26-30, 2016. Health Professions Week (HPW) is an exciting week-long event for college and high school students interested in learning more about careers in the health professions. HPW will...
  5. Mr.Smile12

    ADEA Predental Student Virtual Fair today

    ADEA Predental Student Virtual Fair today at 11am ET until 9pm ET. Have all your questions asked by health professions advisors, admissions officers, current dental students, and many ADEA administrators who work with applicants.