1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Is Drop in Foreign Student Visas Due to Trump’s Immigration Policy?

    According to State Department data, the number of visas given to foreign students was noticeably lower last year after stricter immigration policies were implemented. This has added to the financial challenges that some US colleges and universities are experiencing. Foreign schools have...
  2. I

    O1 visa for training

    Hi, Has anyone has gone through the process of getting an O1 visa for training, and specifically for fellowship? I wanted to know what the necessary credentials were, what the process was and any other information that seems relevant. Thank you!
  3. Domperidone

    New VISA Changes for Australian Interns & Resident medical officers (Abolition of the 457 VISA)

    Just making a new thread for pre-meds, current students & IMGs (non-Australian trained doctors) looking to work in Australia for the long term. Australian immigration and border protection department official updates here. For a break down of what this means for international students at...