1. pandadawn

    What Gen-Surg Away Rotations Did You LOVE?

    Trying to narrow down which programs would be best to do an away at. Leaning east coast, open to anywhere, thinking community based. I'm at an institution that highly recommends that we do 2+ away rotations, so please no "aways aren't beneficial" replies.
  2. 2

    IR Away Rotations

    I'm about to be a 4th year in an average state school in Texas and I will be applying for DR/IR residency in 2018. I'm planning on doing 2 aways and I was wondering if you guys had any experience in any programs? Any recommendations? Places should I avoid? Looking at UCSF, Stanford, UCSD...
  3. B

    Thoughts on Away rotations?

    You guys have been awesome in answering my questions and as I am making my schedule a large one remains: Away rotations. I go to school in the east but I am from the Midwest. My goal is to eventually end up in Texas/California because I have friends/family there. I was originally thinking...
  4. 6

    Visiting a school before applying?

    Hi all, Quick question, and apologies if this has been mentioned in any other thread before. Couldn't find anything. Is it appropriate to visit a medical school before applying? I will be entering my sophomore year of pre-med and will be up in the area of some potential schools, and would...