wais iv

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    For Sale Nearly New WAIS-IV / WMS-IV Combo for "cheap"

    I have a nearly new WAIS-IV /WMS-IV Basic combo (both sets came in card board boxes) w/the following content: WMS-IV: 19 Adult Forms 21 Flexible Approach Forms 25 Older Adult Battery Forms 45 Response Booklets WAIS-IV 14 Record Forms 14 Response Booklet 1 25 Response Booklet 2 1 Training CD 1...
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    Looking to purchase psych testing kits WAIS IV, WPPSI IV, WISC V, WIAT III,

    Hi. I am a licensed psychologist interested in purchasing used but current test kits -- WAIS IV, WISC V, WPPSI IV, WIAT III, W-J IV, etc. If anyone is selling any of these, or other testing materials, please let me know at [email protected] Thanks.