1. Akam ahz

    Water Excretion by the kidney

    Hello, I'm seeking a simple explanation for this passage in my physiology text book, the author of the passage discusses water reabsorption and excretion in the renal tubules. The passage: "Normally 180 L of fluid is filtered through the glomeruli each day, while the average daily urine...
  2. A

    Freezing Point

    Find the freezing point of a 2.0m solution of CH3OH in chloroform, CHCl3. The normal freezing point of chloroform is -63.5°C. The kf for chloroform is 4.7°C/m. Why wouldn't this be (-63.5 - (4.7x2x2))?? Wouldn't the methanol dissolve in Chloroform since they are both polar and like dissolves like?