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    should I update schools with summer volunteer hours? (Already submitted primary and secondaries)

    I had a lot more free time this summer and volunteered a lot of hours (roughly 140 hours) at my local hospital. Due to covid, I was unable to volunteer there for roughly a year and only resumed volunteering in April, but submitted my primary in May. I feel that clinical/volunteer hours are a...
  2. Half-code : understanding

    RN to MD

    Hey all. I've been a SDN forum stalker for quite a while, and decided to make a post to hopefully get a little bit more perspective on my situation. I'm really looking for a second opinion on where my resume is weak. I originally had a goal of becoming a CRNA. I'm a very industrious person, so...
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    522, 3.85, lackluster ECs, WAMC and School List?

    cGPA: 3.85, sGPA: 3.78. (upward trend, 3.95 average after freshman year) MCAT: 522 (131/131/129/131) Residence: TX Race: Asian, Male (ORM) Undergrad: State school, Major: Biology, Minors: Medical Humanities, Chemistry Clinical Experience: 80 hours volunteering and shadowing at a medical clinic...
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    Is 3.9GPA, 522 MCAT, but weak ECs good for low to mid tier schools?

    400 hours EMT-B 300 hours clinical volunteering 200 hours research, nonclinical 40 hours shadowing Library job for 9 months and counting (customer service?) Medical volunteer trip one spring break Tutor/mentor at underprivileged middle school for one quarter A big reason for my lack of ECs is...
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    MD 3.91 GPA 522 MCAT, not diverse ECs - WAMCs?

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    MD & DO 3.5 cGPA/ 3.4 sGPA

    Hey guys! I'm a junior and really want to apply this cycle but am worried that my stats aren't strong enough. I messed up super bad the first two years of college but finally decided to get my life together. Started with 3.1 cGPA and 2.9 sGPA Present: 3.5 cGPA/ 3.4 sGPA Will take my MCAT in...