1. cmfong

    Selling Health

    Hi everyone !! I'm a dietitians. Just want to provided some health tips and diet information to your all instead of really selling health. I'm will sharing my personal diet tips (weighlossmethods2u blog) and my personal healthy lifestyle ( dailytreatments blog ) to you. Hope you guy browse it =)
  2. Elach

    Tell me about your weight during residency/fellowship, SDN

    First off, I feel like in these days and age, I should start by saying you are all beautiful just as you are. No, really. Look at you! You're stunning and brave. Now that we got that out of our way, I'm genuinely interested about what you think about this. What's your experience? Do you gain a...
  3. Behold1

    Locate how heavily each factor is weighed in application?

    Sorry that the title is awkwardly worded. Basically, I've seen people on here throw around numbers like "X factor is given a weight of 40% at school Y". All I've ever personally seen is the average GPA or GPA cutoff and maybe the average GRE for that school. I've never actually seen a...