1. fewds

    Cornell ACCESS Research Internship

    Does anyone know how competitive the Cornell ACCESS Research Internship at Weill is? Also, does anyone have any general information on the internship such as are we allowed to do our own research based off of our previous work in labs? Thanks in advance!
  2. E

    UCLA vs Cornell

    Hi all, I am on the waitlist at UCLA and accepted at Cornell, but I am still having a tough time deciding between the two schools. I want to flesh out my thoughts before I make a final decision, so I thought this might be a helpful venue for that. Pros and cons are below. Any advice would be...
  3. rednote

    Weill Cornell vs Feinberg Northwestern

    Hey all. I'm incredibly lucky to have been accepted at both of these schools. Can you guys help me make the decision? Student Life, Atmosphere, Education, Curriculum, Research etc...? Cost should be around the same. Thanks a lot.
  4. S

    WCMC-Q Accepted Class of 2022

    Hello everyone, So since I did not find any threads for those accepted into Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year (class of 2022), I decided to make one! This is mainly to get to know one another before we begin the journey but also it's a chance for...
  5. H

    Wanted Sublet Needed NY Manhattan Aug-Oct 2016

    Hi, I'm a 3rd year physical therapy student in need of a room for August- October 2016. I will be doing an internship at NY Presbyterian Hospital (Weill Cornell). Please let me know if you have a place nearby. Thanks! Haley