1. S

    MHA Sophas GPA

    Hi....I'm an international student. I just submitted my SOPHAS application.I got my transcripts verified by WES, so i got my WES gpa. Will that change after sophas verifies it? I mean will sophas calculate my GPA again
  2. bernas

    ECE report for NBDE Part 1 Step by Step???

    Hi everyone, I am planning to take my NBDE in 6 months. I want to have my ECE report. Now step by step what should I do? How can I get this report by paying at least?
  3. C

    Study Abroad WES eval

    OK, This is incredibly frustrating. I went to an undergraduate school in the states where I took one semester and studied abroad. These three classes counted on my transcript simply as "TR" credits. When I applied to AMCAS, they never need a transcript from my study abroad. Now that I'm...