1. Prashanthgs1996

    SOPHAS deadline & WES evaluation

    I am an international applicant to MPH fall 2022. My university will be sending the transcripts to WES by the end of this month for evaluation. How long does WES take for evaluation once it receives the documents? Most of the programs have a dec 1 priority deadline. But SOPHAS says it might...
  2. D

    Answered GPA Reevaluation

    Why is wes gpa low for mbbs in India ? Like whatever threads I read is below 3.5 . Will Reevaluation of wes make any change ? Please tell me what to do ?
  3. D


  4. D

    General MPH

  5. S

    MHA Sophas GPA

    Hi....I'm an international student. I just submitted my SOPHAS application.I got my transcripts verified by WES, so i got my WES gpa. Will that change after sophas verifies it? I mean will sophas calculate my GPA again
  6. bernas

    ECE report for NBDE Part 1 Step by Step???

    Hi everyone, I am planning to take my NBDE in 6 months. I want to have my ECE report. Now step by step what should I do? How can I get this report by paying at least?
  7. C

    Study Abroad WES eval

    OK, This is incredibly frustrating. I went to an undergraduate school in the states where I took one semester and studied abroad. These three classes counted on my transcript simply as "TR" credits. When I applied to AMCAS, they never need a transcript from my study abroad. Now that I'm...