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    3.8cGPA 3.7sGPA MCAT TBD WAMC?

    Hello everyone I am a transfer student from community college and I received my associates CC GPA: 3.73 ( all A's but got a C in both Orgo I and II) I transferred to a 4 year school and will be graduating this spring. 4 year institution GPA: 3.882 (anticipated of of course) Looking at the...
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    3.6x gpa, 3.5x sgpa, 500 mcat, DO schools

    Hello forum! I've been a bit of a stalker for the past several years, but my anxiety has been accumulating significantly and I thought maybe I'd ask for a bit of advice. I've tried to compare myself to previous posts, it seems like a lot of individuals are in the same boat. My statistics are...