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    Retaking DAT?!?!

    So I just got word that my program allows and there are no limitations for retakes aside from ADA 3 time limit to retake DAT. My question is should I take the DAT in late March during my winter semester of school and then if I don't get high enough scores, retake in the summer after full on...
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    Being a late applicant. HELP!!

    Hi Everyone! So I am thinking about taking my MCAT July 8th and should receive my score around a month later. How much weaker will this make my application? How bad is it to be a late applicant? I just want to make sure I have ample time to study for the MCAT before I take it instead of taking...
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    When To Take PCAT?

    Hi guys! Just found out about SDN so I'm still getting used to everything and exploring the site. I was wondering when I should take the PCAT. I have already completed most of my Pre-Pharm Program. I am in the middle of my O-chem 1 therefore have not taken o-chem 2. I was wondering how much of...