1. SterlingMaloryArcher

    On AMCAS, is the experience contact the doctor you scribed for or your direct supervisor?

    If you scribe for only 1 provider regularly over a long period of time. Assuming they wouldn't be bothered to be contacted. Not like an ED scribe who scribes for several providers. Further: Is the organization the company that is contracted by the clinic and is named on your paycheck or is it...
  2. D

    World Health Organisation internship?

    Hello! I am a university student from North America, and I'm very interested in applying to a WHO internship at the headquarters this year. If you are a past intern, could I ask you some questions about the application process, your day-to-day life in the Office, your area of work, etc? Feel...
  3. A

    MPH Which MPH Schools/cities connected to large international health organizations?

    Hi, I am interested in MPH programs with a Global Health focus, but I also want to go to a school where they are well connected or have opportunities with some of the largest International Health organizations, like the WHO, the CDC, USAID or renowned NGOs as well. Which schools would be best...