winter break

  1. E

    DAT Studying Plan Over Winter Break - Your Thoughts/Advice?

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking for quite some time now and decided I needed some advice and peace of mind on my ideas for the DAT prep, since I've already seen some amazing support system on other posts! I currently have a 4.0 GPA (including Chem 1&2, Ochem 1&2, Bio 1&2, Biochem, Anatomy &...
  2. cleverina

    Winter Internships

    Hey guys, I was wondering how I should go about procuring a winter internship in certain departments (cardio, trauma, neuro, etc.) at one of the local hospitals in my area. I'm also thinking about getting a research internships, but I'm unsure how to go about it. Help
  3. S

    DAT Rescheduled: Studied in the summer, taking DAT in the winter

    Hey guys! I've been trying to find a thread that matched with my situation the most, but I cannot seem to find any. But I really need advice and some help! I was set to take the DAT this early September but I do not feel ready at all. I've studied everything but my scores in QR/Math and General...
  4. M

    DAT Winter Break Studying (5Weeks) 21AA: Materials/Advice

    Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you guys the material I used to study for the DATs recently, and answers any questions :) I know that during the winter break, most of us do not have as much time to study in between all the holidays; however, I was definitely able to study efficiently, enjoy the...