1. H

    Relatively new medical schools (Hofstra, Wmed)?

    Hi, What is the general consensus on relatively new medical schools like Western mi and Hofstra? They are able to attract very high stats applicants for some reason despite being not established. It seems that Hofstra is considered a middle tier school with a great hospital system. But what is...
  2. libertyyne


    I was lucky to be accepted to a few schools. I have narrowed the list down to 3 schools. excluding RFU, WVU and some DO schools. Career Goals: I am interested in IR, NSG,and NIL but would be happy in any specialty excluding Primary Care. EDIT: Would Love to Match in Warmer Climates California...
  3. X

    MSUCHM vs Western Michigan

    I've been blessed with a decision between Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (CHM) and Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School Of Medicine (Wmed). CHM has its reputation and Big 10 research resources; however, growing up in Michigan and as an MSU alum, a new experience...