1. chemdoctor

    Not sure what to do :( Advice?

    So I took Orgo 1 and Physics 1 over the summer. Physics is going great, (for sure an A) and Orgo not so much. If I get a perfect on both of our next exams, the highest I'll get is a C+. Not sure what to do. The professor was supposedly really good but I guess not for me. the Fall professors are...
  2. ScarletGray

    MCPHS Worcester DPT 2016-2017

    I was just wondering on who else is going to the interview for MCPHS Worcester on 11/9? And if anyone is aware of the interview process there, can you shed some like on what it was like? How did the program seem to you? Its a long drive for me and I am curious on what to expect on the...
  3. N

    South university pharmacy vs mcphs worcester

    Hi, if someone could help me out please. I got accepted to MCPHS Worcester and south university pharmacy school in savannah, georgia. they are both 3 year programs but south is on a quarterly system. the cost of attending would be roughly the same for both schools but MCPHS offered me 7000...
  4. B

    MCPHS - Boston

    Hi, I'm just wondering did anybody here interview or apply at MCPHS Worcester campus this year yet? and How did it go? Thanks
  5. M

    UMass vs Georgetown (vote on poll please)

    Hey Everyone, I am narrowing my acceptances down to Georgetown and UMass and trying to decide between the two. The main concern is cost. Georgetown Pros: -International / Global Health (I have a MPH in International Health) -Diverse population (globally since DC / underserved) -Good location (...