1. joe7456

    Selling MCAT 2016-2017 TBR, EK and more!

    Hello, I just got into medical school and no longer need these books. I will use venmo for shipping costs and payment; I will show you a receipt of the book shipment with tracking, then you just send me the money via Venmo app. I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes...
  2. joe7456

    Selling books for the new MCAT

    Hello, the books below are in great condition. I will use Venmo to transfer money. Shipping fee is not included below. The Princeton review 2nd ed.- 50$ (This was handy because it encompasses review for all 6 subject in one book, which was useful during travel between library and home, as well...
  3. joe7456

    Selling TBR Psychology and 2015 TPR Science Workbook

    Pm for offer. I will use Venmo for payment. Shipping will be additional.
  4. D

    What is the BEST mcat workbook you've used?

    Hello all, newbie here, first post! Hope the new year is going well for you. I'm prepping for an April 22nd MCAT. I am currently in a Kaplan MCAT prep course, so I have the books, flashcards, practice exams and section tests from Kaplan and AAMC, and I also use Khan Academy. However, I really...
  5. Y

    Wanted: EPPP study materials 2013 or newer!!!

    I am interested in purchasing EPPP study materials, preferably 2013 or newer edition. Please message me if you have any you are willing to sell!