wtf am i doing

  1. Wolf3D

    Ask a PGY-1 at a top 10 anything (experience w/ admissions)

    Hi all, I've got a couple of relatively slow shifts coming up (including a 28-hour one....) and I just rediscovered this website so figured I might make myself useful. Back in my day it wasn't nearly as bustling as it is now, happy to see the site still thriving. I'm currently doing my...
  2. buckeyes1577

    Officially a pre-med loser

    Here are some fun factoids about me: --- During high school, I completed many of my pre reqs at a community college, all A's, blah blah blah --I'm a sophomore; however, this past summer I figured that since I was doing research over the summer, I could handle a few classes. Wrong. I wound up...