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    Is MD-PhD a good fit for me?

    I went into undergraduate at the ripe age of 14 thinking that I wanted to do pre-med and become a doctor, but I was discouraged by the difficulty of the pre-med curriculum at my school- so I ended up going into general biomedical science instead, content to pursue a PhD. Even though I wasn't...
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    What are my chances? Is it still possible?

    Only been in undergraduate for one semester (or two including one class over the summer). Spring semester my grades were C, C, C, and D (ahole professor whose online website crashed and didn't submit my final assignment. She had no sympathy, moved it from an F to a D) and over the summer, I...
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    Advice for a Younger Student?

    Hi all, I have an unusual situation and could use a little help from the “hive-mind” that is this forum. I appreciate the collective wisdom present here, and would really appreciate a helping hand. I will graduate from a local public university at the age of 18 (I am 15 now) with a biology...