zoo internship

  1. sevvet

    Looking for advice: Wait or Go?

    Hi all! I'm looking for some advice/opinions so I will try to keep the background very brief: I am currently 8 months into my year-long internship at a zoo hospital. I've been accepted (and plan to go to) St. George's, but their Fall 2022 class is full so I'm slated for January 2023 unless they...
  2. WhenTheFireNationAttacked

    The Path to Zoo Vet - Winding or No?

    I have a specific dilemma I need help with. First off, I am about to enter my final year at Vet School. My long-term goal is to enter the zoo vet med field. But, I was recently offered a position at a really GREAT small animal clinic. I understand that the path to ZooVet involves an internship...
  3. jpwil100

    Internship Help: Utica Zoo Internship veterinary or animal husbandry?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering what everyone thought opinion wise either that have been at the Utica Zoo Veterinary internship or have opinions based on the description provided. I have accepted the internship, but I am able to switch into an animal husbandry department if I do not think the...