03/01/13 DAT Scores. What do you think?

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    Okay, so I took the DAT a couple days ago, and these are my scores.

    QR 16
    PAT 18
    RC 20
    BIO 20
    OC 21
    GC 23

    TS 21
    AA 20

    Should I retake? Need advice, please.

    Here's my breakdown:

    Timeframe: Studied for three months. Started in the beginning of December

    BIO: Cliff's AP Bio 3rd ed. is a must (I think this is obvious by now). I read over Cliff's like 5 times. Did all the problems out of the 2012 DAT Destroyer, Completed all 5 DAT Bootcamp test, 2007 & 2009 DAT, also did all 10 Q-vault test. I'm not a biology major and I studied for this section really hard. I'm really happy I scored a 20 in this section just knowing how random it can be. I'm pretty sure I needed to know some upper level biology to answer 2 or 3 questions. I was scoring 17's and 18's in DAT Bootcamp.

    OC: Chads videos of course. Did all the problems out of the 2012 DAT Destroyer, Completed all 5 DAT Bootcamp test, also did all 10 Q-vault test. I thought DAT Bootcamp and DAT Q-vault represented the real DAT the most. I was scoring around 18 my first time doing Bootcamp.

    GC: Chads videos is the best for this section. Did all the problems out off the 2012 DAT Destroyer twice. The first time, I got destroyed so I went through it again making sure I knew how to do the problems. Completed all 5 Dat Bootcamp test, also did all 10 Q-vault test. I was scoring 20's in almost all the DAT Bootcamp tests. Again, DAT Bootcamp and Q-vault represented the real DAT the most.

    RC: I didn't do a single test for this section. I looked over it in DAT Bootcamp, but I never completed a test. The only time I did an RC test was when I purchased the 2009 DAT, I didn't even bother with the 2007 DAT RC passage. Most of my questions were in order of the passage. Also, I got either 1 or 2 questions per passage asking those questions if the statement is true and the reason is false etc. My first passage was a passage on quantum physics, my 2nd passage was about a bacteria that infected the stomach, and my 3rd passage was on hurricanes. Such random passages.

    PAT: DAT Bootcamp test 1, random Q-vault questions, and 2007 & 2009. I didn't put as much time into this section as I should have, and it shows. This section was nothing like the 2007 DAT. If I retake, I am definitely going to do all DAT Bootcamp test. That website, I believe, has really good practice problems and great solutions to the problems.

    QR: I took two Q-vault test, 2007 & 2009 DAT. Wish I would have studied this more. The 2007 DAT was way too easy, and the 2009 DAT was way too hard. I thought my QR section represented the 2009 DAT in difficulty. I wish I would have done Bootcamp test. I spent too much time studying for the sciences.
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    You have great scores. I personally would not retake. However, some schools have a requirement of 17 for all sections which you do not have for your QR section making your application void.

    Unfortunately, SDNers don't know which schools do this.

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