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Your lack of clinical volunteering will limit your chances for interviews and you can remove Rush, Creighton and St. Louis for that reason. U Michigan is a far reach. Add NEOMED, Drexel, Temple, Rosalind Franklin, New York Medical College, Albany, NOVA MD, TCU-UNT.
Clinical exposure would be volunteering or employment in a hospital, hospice, clinic, physician's office, etc. with patient contact. Include the Central America trip but overseas volunteering is not valued as much.
What types of things are considered "clinical volunteering"? I have been on a trip to Central America with MEDLIFE to volunteer at mobile medical clinics. Not sure if that counts. Also, as a camp counselor for children with disabilities, I was definitely hands on(bathed, fed, clothed, operated medical equipment)...should I categorize that as clinical volunteering?
Why didn't you include it in your above inventory? Even so, it would always be good to have followed up with some domestic clinical volunteering to add insight to how US health care works. As for being the camp counselor, that's more community service involvement unless you were always under the supervision or trained by a health care professional, assisting with medical duties (or at least that's one of my criteria).
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