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Full Member
Apr 23, 2020
  1. Pre-Dental
I am from The Bahamas and I am an international student. I am including how Hurricane Dorian devastated my country last fall. That semester was by far one of the worst semesters I’ve had and I struggled with maintaining my focus from being worried about the thousands of people that died and my family and friends losing their homes or them being destroyed. It’s worth mentioning because something like that can lower your GPA. The stress that I experienced that semester was unlike any other. Tell your story.

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Twinkle Moon

Full Member
2+ Year Member
Nov 25, 2018
I left this detail out of my personal statements. I don't think I will even mention anything about this. However, I am wondering if anyone ever tried to mention how something like a natural disaster affected a single semester of their college, which in turn lowered their gpa. This is very niche, because only one state out of 50 was affected by this, so ADCOMS from other states won't know/care.

For context, that specific semester, I decided to take 17 credit hours (5 in person classes) because I felt confident in those classes. I was doing good, until the hurricane hit, which cancelled classes for 3 weeks. The rest of the semester was complete torture, but I managed to hang on with all A's. Then finals week hit, and every professor had the same idea: Lets all have our last midterm exam the day before finals week! So on top of cramming for 5 exams at once, I had to deal with multiple back to back finals literally the day after. I had to pull 2 straight all nighters (I don't advise humans to do this). Ouch. My grades did not do good.

Anyways, I think this semester will come up in my interviews, and I will mention something along the lines of this. It's only one painful semester, after all.

I am also originally from FL, I included how a hurricane effected my life in my personal statement, because it helped describe who I am today. Since your experience isnt in your PS, I would maybe think about what postive impacts came from that experience and try to tell your interviewers at the end of your interview. Every time you interview, they'll ask you "do you have anything else you want us to know"... And that would be a good time to tell them.
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