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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
  1. Non-Student
I've been told in the MD forum that anything under 100 non-clinical hours is pretty weak. Does that also hold true for DO, or is it a little more lenient?

I only have 60 hours tutoring/mentoring under-served youth over the last year. It is a low number because they usually match us with 1-2 students and the meetings are only once a week for an hour. But I can speak about it pretty passionately. I'll also have an additional 30 hours (COVID-19 outreach done over course of only April/May) helping low-income families and the elderly by the time I apply.

My clinical volunteering/experience is stronger, ~500 hours, and some of it involves medically under-served communities. Stats are 3.45/509

Should I be worried that I only have ~90 non-clinical volunteering hours?
Yes, it holds true for DO as well. BUT, your clinical exposure may indeed make up for the lack of nonclinical. Play up the experiences with the medically underserved and what you learned from them.
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