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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
  1. Non-Student
I know lists usually aren't given without an MCAT on WAMC and I won't have my score til July 7, but I want to submit my DO app in the next week without a score.

My AAMC FLs have been 518 - 516 - 520 - 521 (didn't take sample yet). While I am definitely waiting for my actual score to submit MD, I am done with my application and more than comfortable that my MCAT will be fine for DO schools.

Particularly, I'm looking for any advising on schools with poor board scores (NSUCOM?) or ones that may have IS pref, though I realize most are private. My sGPA is below average for the more competitive DO schools, though I am hoping the MCAT will balance it.

Arts major
GPA: c/s 3.75/3.46, upward t.
Clinical vol: hospice, underserved hospital 500 +hrs
Nonclinical vol: art rehabilitation with underserved populations too, not as many hours ~130
Research: 3 pubs
Shadowed DOs but only MD LoRs

Tentative list:


Anything on PCOM GA campus or LECOM FL campus?

Please nothing rural as I am gay lol
All fine.
UNECOM likes people from the NE.

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