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Nov 3, 2018
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On your AMCAS app, any “publication” entry is specifically used for citing the actual article—NOT for describing in detail what your motives were, what you contributed, etc. In this entry, you just write out the full citation of the article and the single date it was published, and the hours can be “0” if you have a separate entry describing the research experience in more depth. This separate research entry would also be the space where you say how many hours you spent.

You can allude to your publication in this general research entry, but I believe you can and should have a separate entry solely dedicated to citing that publication. So, based on the options you’ve presented, go with the first set, but modify it like this:

Experience Type: Publication
Experience Name: “__ author of (topic of article, e.g. 3D printing) publication”
Date: Pub Date
Hours: 0
Description: pub citation

And another activity as:
Experience Type: Research/Lab
Experience Name: research assistant in (insert topic, e.g. tissue engineering) lab
Date: x/2019-x/2020
Hours: 300
Description: Concise overview of what your lab did, what your projects were focused on, and maybe briefly listing some of your roles/skills.
MME: Explain why the experience was meaningful. Maybe talk about what drew you to this type of research, why you were fascinated by it or why it was important that you leveraged it to find solutions to problems you cared about. Allude to the project that produced the publication (i.e. through our collective efforts, we discovered ___. These results were ultimately published in (insert journal), and I’m very honored to have contributed to the advancement of cancer/AIDS/diabetes care.)
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Jun 21, 2017
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Should I mark the publication or the research experience as MME?

Is there anything wrong with citing it all within Research/Lab and just putting the publication citation within the experience description box and describing the details under MME description? I'm just afraid the publication will be overlooked if don't cite it as MME as one school I interviwed at for example only provided interviewers with the MME. On the other hand, I also think it could be kinda weird if I describe the pub in the MME research experience but also have a separate entry just for a citation.
I put my lab experience as most meaningful and used the space to talk about why. Why would you waste that space citing your pub? I cited my pub in a publication entry and wrote what my contribution was below it. I had 0 hours as it overlapped with my research experience which was most meaningful.