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Jun 16, 2020
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I honestly don’t think it’s a cliched topic if it’s what happened to you and has shaped your goals. Not choosing to write on it when it’s something your feel strongly about would do more harm than good. Plus keep in mind that even if many immigrants have similar experiences our perceptions and how they influence us are typically unique! Each voice brings something different but equally important to the table. This may be an idealistic view but I think it’s worth a shot! If you’re still very concerned about it I’d write drafts on both topics and see which you like better!
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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
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Just looking for some feedback on my brainstorming for the diversity secondary essay

I was born overseas and came here as a child, grew up middle class, and my ethnicity is very ORM

I wanted to talk mostly about the language barrier, and seeing a ton of patients (including my family) struggle with it in every clinical setting I've been in. My "unique take" on it is about how a lot of patients refuse translation, and I want to add my perspective on this and physician-patient communication in general.

I care a lot about immigrant health issues and can back it up with multiple ECs (esp the one based around ESL/English literacy), but I'm worried this topic is cliche, and I'm aware that the diversity essay is supposed to be more than just my race

Other options I've thought about are talking about my clinical experiences (esp working at a hotspot ED during covid), my travels through middle America (im Californian), or my interest in geography/politics, but none of that has impacted my career choice/goals as much as the immigrant/language thing did so it feels kinda disingenuous
The immigrant experience is always valuable.
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