Oct 6, 2019
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Hi all, just need someone to be real with me.

My Step 2 score was pretty far from what I needed, it really did not work out for me that day. I can't say I saw this coming either, assessments were much higher and I walked in feeling more or less prepared. Regardless, I have to live with it.

Step 1: 252
Step 2: 235

Top 20 school
4 mid-author pubs (1 IR related, 2 Rad-Onc), 5 poster presentations, some other abstracts.
SIR committee involvement
Mostly honors, some HP

Assuming I can get a good LOR from my surgery AI, as well as from IR faculty, I was wanting to know how PDs will look at this. I am feeling pretty low right now, I haven't heard of anyone who has had such a drastic drop like this. I think this may be passable for DR programs with ESIR, but I'm not sure? The "Charting Outcomes of the Match" bar graphs do not inspire confidence.
M4 here going into rads, it's definitely a drop but everything else in your app is awesome, literally every other aspect. I'm sure it's pretty discouraging and maybe an IR person can chime in but I'm sure you'll still be pretty gucci for most DR places, and with those stats I would still shoot my shot for bigger named programs.


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Jul 30, 2013
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  1. Medical Student
You’re fine for DR, IR is a crap shoot for everyone. You’ll def match somewhere but may need to do DR/ESIR
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