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Apr 2, 2015
Hey guys so I am a New England resident, I applied 1st batch, have decent stats: 20AA 21TS, 3.6 gpa & sgpa, good research and letters, worked as a dental assistant etc.

My question is this: I have noticed many people have begun getting interviews from Uconn, some from later batches. They have not contacted me since earlier in july when they emailed and said me my app was completed. Is being skipped in the first round of interviews a bad sign? Or is the fact they havent rejected me yet a good sign and they may come back to my app? What are you guys thinking? I know Uconn is very competitive but it would be awesome going there for in state tuition after a year.


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Feb 11, 2009
Your stats are close to the average of an accepted dental student. But Uconn is highly competitive out of state, so it shouldn't be surprising if you aren't in their first round of interview offers. It's neither bad (you didn't get outright rejected, although nobody really has yet) nor good (interview offers were made to people who were reviewed after you, so you're probably not their absolute top candidate).


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Jun 20, 2015
I heard uconn accepted students with higher stats than their average for OOS students. But with that said I've also heard of people from my public university in MA who got accepted with lower stats who are out of state. My friend applied last cycle with stats very similar to yours but applied in late August! So I wouldn't be worried right now. Just wait it out! :)
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