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2 AADSAS Questions


15+ Year Member
Sep 4, 2003
Hi - I have two AADSAS questions that I was hoping I could get some help with. First off, is there any advantage or disadvantage to sending your letter(s) of recommendation with the AADSAS application, besides not having the burden of sending them all out at a later date?

Second, since everybody now says that Dental Schools look for "well rounded" applications, I'm not sure which major I should list on the application, being that there is only one slot. I'm a double major in music (piano performance) and chemistry with a minor in biology...so which do I list? As an aside, the chemistry major is a smaller major (BA, not BS). I can't really decide...


Full Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 18, 2003
The Rockies

If possible, I would have your LOR's sent to a pre-health dept at your school (if you have one) and they can forward them to the corresponding schools as they are requested. This is the best option, however, if you don't have a pre-health dept at your school, you will probably HAVE to send them to AADSAS. I would personally send them to AADSAS as they are requested ( I'm not sure when if the DO request them or not). There have been problems with lost LOR's being sent to AADSAS, so be careful and make copies or something. This problem delayed a friend of mine by 2 months this cycle.

As far as a major. If it were me, I would put down Piano for sure. Like you pointed out, they want to see diversity and this speaks diversity better than anything else. Plus, it shows manual dexterity skills. You can mention the Chem and Bio counterparts in your essay and be ok.

Good luck!


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Aug 9, 2003
San Diego
yes, if u r applying early, use aadsas. it can keep 5 letters max.
but it takes them at least 3 wks to copy and mail them out!
keep ur copy. if the sch doesnt have particular letter, fax them the letter and have aadsas re-send the "official letter"

as of ur 2nd question, i would call aadsas to find out.
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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Aug 9, 2003
San Diego
Just to expect anything you sent to AADSAS will take at least 4-5 weeks to get to the school of your choice. If I were u, I would send everything and anything as soon as you can.

I kept my letters confidential. I donno about the others. I am not aware that we have to state confidentiality on the letter thru aadsas. For my school's mailing service, they want student to declare, but stated clearly that they cannot give that information to your school. I guess it makes a difference only when you ask your professor to send your letter in directly.

The Musketeer

Guardian of Justice
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 24, 2004
Cleveland (ON, Can)
  1. Dentist
UofT-Girl said:
Hey guys,
Just a quick question abt transcripts..

Are transcripts supposed to be sent in at the same time the online-application is submitted?

No, you don't have to send it at the same time, but try to send it as early as possible (once you get your spring term marks) to prevent your application from being delay in processing. Just remember that when you order the transcipts, due give the administrative staff the 'Transcript matching form' to be enclosed with the transcript or else AADSAS will probably looses it.

You can find the Transcript Matching Form here:


Just in case you don't know this, letters of evaluation also will require a 'Letter of Evaluation matching form'. Just give the form to the professors and tell them to put it in with the Letter of Evaluation.

Letter of Evaluation Matching Form link:

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