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Jan 10, 2003
med9812 said:
Whoever has the premium edition...share the love! :love:

1. Harvard University (MA)
2. Johns Hopkins University (MD)
3. University of Pennsylvania
4. University of Cincinnati
5. University of California?San Francisco
6. Baylor College of Medicine (TX)
7. Washington University in St. Louis
8. Stanford University (CA)
9. University of Washington
10. Duke University (NC)
11. University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Yale University (CT)
13. Columbia U. College of Physicians and Surgeons (NY)
14. University of Michigan?Ann Arbor
15. University of California?Los Angeles (Geffen)
16. Northwestern University (Feinberg) (IL)
17. Case Western Reserve University (OH)
18. University of North Carolina?Chapel Hill
19. University of Pittsburgh
20. Boston University
University of Chicago
22. University of Iowa (Roy J. & Lucille A. Carver)
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