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Mar 27, 2015
Hi guys, I'm taking my DAT in 2 days.. (omg..)

I used the destroyer 2015 and Bootcamp as main tools to study for this test.

I took the 2007 and 2009 practice DAT about a week ago, and I scored 23AA/ 23 PAT on 2007 test, and 20AA/ 26 PAT on 2009 test.

I thought the science section of 2007 DAT was way too easy, but I found 2009 DAT harder than bootcamp..

I am worried because I heard 2009 DAT is the best representation of the real DAT, and as I was taking the 2009 DAT, it felt like the wording of each question was not straight forward, and I was unsure about a lot of questions that they asked (specifically for science section).

On the other hand, I thought the problems on Bootcamp and Destroyer were concise, and straight forward, but the 2009 DAT felt different from bootcamp and destroyer for some reason.

Is this how it's going to be on the real DAT? Not straight forward?

Thank you guys...


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Mar 28, 2016
I feel you OP! I agree with you @Likkriue that there's no reason to be worried but I'm sure you remember how it was for you. I got a 21AA on the 2009 and still was a bit disappointed. I think, like myself, they just want a very high score :) you can do this OP! Learn from your mistakes and don't stress