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Jun 5, 2010
I have the full set of materials from the 2010 Kaplan DAT course. It is all lightly used, with some markings in the Lesson Book only.

As far as the quality of the material is concerned (regarding the fact that it's stuff from 2010 rather than 2011), all I can say is that I was in possession of the 2011 Kaplan set at one point too, and both sets are identical. In truth, Kaplan hasn't updated its course materials since 2008, so the only difference you'll find between my stuff and any 2011 edition set is the difference in price.

I'm asking for $60 for everything, which includes:

1. Set of flashcards (when they're new, they come in sheets and you have to spend about an hour or so cutting them all out by hand. I've already done that, so you can just get right to studying with them.

2. Laminated "Quicksheets" for every subject

3. The course Lesson Book (so you can follow step-by-step the same curriculum that students follow in the Kaplan course)

4. The Review Notes book (the big book that covers all of the essential information that you'll need to know for the DAT)

5. Dry erase sheet with marker to simulate real testing conditions

Send me a PM if you're interested.
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