2012 Kaplan MCAT study pack - amazing condition

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Feb 8, 2012
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Hey guys,

I just finished taking the 3/24 MCAT, and am selling my Kaplan materials. :)

This review set includes a set of 5 review books, the Kaplan course lesson book, a set of flashcards for each MCAT subject, and the Kaplan quicksheet guides.

Kaplan MCAT review books, from 2011-2012. VERY recent. All review books are included and are like new. They are not written in at all and are barely worn:

  • Kaplan Organic Chemistry
  • Kaplan General Chemistry
  • Kaplan Biology
  • Kaplan Physics

I'll also throw in the Lesson Book (from the Kaplan course). This book HAS been written in with pen, but it has some basic notes and other helpful notations that may help in your study.

Once again, the five main review books are LIKE NEW and the Lesson Book is the only one written in.

The set also includes Kaplan flashcards for Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biology. These cards have not been annotated in any way. They are a little worn because I had to tear them out (and you know how annoying that can be!). But still very good condition.

Finally, the set comes with the Kaplan quick sheet study guides, which are kind of like the SparkNotes guides you might find at the bookstore. VERY good resource for last-minute studying while eating, etc. Mint condition.

Attached are photos below. I am asking for $150 for the whole set (all review books, lesson book, flashcards, quick sheet), but I can and will negotiate. PM me if interested. :)


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