2020 Potsbacc options


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May 8, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hey guys! So I'm pre-med and trying to choose between different programs. I'm not necessarily worried about getting into one but rather which one gets me the most bang for my buck. Of course the objective is to get into med school as fast as possible so my the schools on my list right now are: Drexel MBS, Rutgers MBS, Tulane Anatomy MS, Temple ACHS, and Pitt MBS. All of the programs seem very similar to me other than the price which is a big factor since there isn't much aid available. I like temple the most as of right now because of the guaranteed acceptance if you meet the metrics (which are reasonable). I was hoping others could give input if they applied/chose/graduated from any of these programs. I think my biggest factors for the schools are: Percentage of students that matriculate within 1 cycle, cost of program, cost of living in the area, difficulty of classes, support from faculty during school and after graduation, and I'd also really like my program to have MCAT test prep incorporated since I plan to take the GRE now and the MCAT after/during the program.
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