Mar 18, 2021
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DAT scores: 20 AA/ 20TS/ 19 Bio/ 19 GC/ 22 OC/ 20 PAT/ 19 RC/20 QR

I just took my DAT this morning and even though it's not the best score, I am very happy with it. It's my first time posting here. I came across this website not too long ago. Here's some background info. I am a returning student who decided to go back to school after 7 years of graduating from college. I work full time and took all my leftover prereqs in 2020 (O Chem 1 and 2, Physics 1 and 2, and Biochem). I decided to start studying for the DAT in Jan and gave myself exactly 12 weeks to study. I was still working full time so the only time I had to study was after work (not very productive) and 12-14 hours each day on the weekend. I started taking some Mondays and Fridays off to give myself more time to study as the test got closer.

My resources were DAT Bootcamp, Booster and Chad's videos. I got the DAT destroyer but due to lack of time I decided not to use it. I also decided to purchase DAT Booster due to recent popularity for mainly Biology (best decision btw). Here's a breakdown of what I used and what resources helped me.

Bio: Definitely buy DAT Booster for this section if you can afford it and do all the practice tests. I had 5-6 very similar questions. Bio was harder than I thought it would be because I had a lot of random questions about frog eggs that I never encountered but DAT Booster was more accurate as far as the question style than Bootcamp.

Gen Chem: I haven't taken Gen Chem since 2009 in college so I had to reteach myself everything. I used mainly Mike's videos in the beginning. I decided to buy Coursesaver for Chad's videos 1.5 months later since I was still struggling. I was doing very poor on the practice tests still but the actual DAT wasn't too bad. If you are able to score well on the the Bootcamp practice tests then you should be fine

O Chem: I took this class recently so I did okay on this section. Used mostly bootcamp for this section as well.

PAT: I tried a bunch of practice and learned what works for me. I would start with angle ranking, hole punching, cube counting and pattern folding since I was the fastest at it. I wasn't great at Keyhole and TFE so saved it for the end. My Practice test scores were consistent with how I did on the DAT. BC was great for this section.

RC: Learn what strategy works for you.

QR: I was so bad at this. And the funny part is I am very good at math. It's the time that gets you. I was scoring 14 on the practice tests. I tried watching DAT Booster video content 2 weeks before the test since I was still struggling and I wished I had watched them before and practice more. The DAT Booster practice tests are much harder than the actual DAT and will prepare you to do well on the actual test.

Overall, I recommend both DAT Bootcamp and DAT Booster (for Bio and QR). I wouldn't be able to pick just one. I bought the brand new DAT Destroyer but didn't use it much since my time was so limited. Its great if you want to score really high. Also, do at least 4-5 Full length practice tests to build your stamina for the test. Hope this helps someone.
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Sep 8, 2020
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Jul 12, 2019
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12 weeks while working most of the time and you got that score? Holy **** congrats. How many hours total would you say you studied?
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