24 AA Tips

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DAT Destroyer

Dr. Romano and Nancy
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Mar 12, 2005
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Took the DAT yesterday. I don't really feel comfortable sharing specifics or a picture of my scores on a public forum, but I scored a 24 AA.

I won't do a comprehensive breakdown because I think there are enough of them, but I will just say one thing:

Destroyer is MOST IMPORTANT for a high score.
I realized this during the bio section of my test because the majority of the questions were also in the Destroyer. Get the latest version of the Destroyer as it contains the most info. I tried to memorize everything in it including the solutions and the wrong answers. Due to time constraints, I couldn't memorize ALL of it, but if I did, I probably would've done better on Bio.

I didn't even read Cliffs or Feralis notes. I just used them whenever I needed things clarified from the Destroyer. I'd say know everything in Destroyer Bio and you're good for at least a 21.

I solved gchem and ochem twice on destroyer before doing Bootcamp. Went straight to 21+ on Bootcamp just by doing this.

Also, be prepared to get an exam harder than Bootcamp exams. General consensus was that Bootcamp is harder than the real DAT. I thought my DAT was harder than any Bootcamp I've taken. This might be because I panicked, but it was definitely on par/harder than bootcamp.

PAT was impossible for my section. I took relief when people said real DAT PAT is way easier than Bootcamp. Mine was harder than Bootcamp. I was told there would only be 3-4 of Bootcamp level angle problems and that angles were literally 20 degrees apart for easy problems. I didn't get a SINGLE easy angle problem. My angles were definitely harder/on par with Bootcamp. I literally guessed on 10 of my angles. In the end, I think it gave a very generous curve though.

DO NOT take relief in people saying that Bootcamp is harder than the real DAT. For me, the real DAT was harder than any practice test I took. Every test is different and you can't rely on what other people say because there's no guarantee you'll get the same difficulty exam. I think Bootcamp definitely helped me prepare for the difficulty of my exam though.

Prepare for the WORST, hope for the BEST. I think luck definitely plays a role, but your scores will stay high as long as you put in the work.
Congratulations! You hard work paid off Mr. Tiger! DAT Beast Destroyed. I know you do not want to post you actual score report but would you mind posting your individual scores? I think students would find that helpful. You utilized the Destroyer as intended and it paid off.

Wishing you the best in your journey and I am sure you will get quite a few interviews. Hope you get into your top school.