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Jan 16, 2009
  1. Dental Student
=D dress comfortable and nice
eat something u have normally eaten .. so u dont feel sick
take a snack (my Krispie treats saved me during the attention span was =\ )
if you bite your nails when you are scared, go ahead and cut then off so u have no distractions
wear something thats warm (if your testing center is chilly)
oh, water bottle will be in the locker...but dont drink too much water before you go in
they will give u 2-3 dry erase sheets... that should be enough. and 2-3 markers. Check your markers before you start the test. If not good, ask for more.

if you can, have someone drive u there. go EARLY. i live in austin so traffic is unpredictable.

and dont worry, tomorrow will come and go so fast :) u will be putting your "phew, Done 7/21/09" scores soon enough.
good luck!
Jun 27, 2009
  1. Pre-Dental
Same here, tomorrow at 8am.
We are going to kill it :xf:
Just relax and do something fun for the day, I just woke up and I'm going wakeboarding soon then chilling with some friends.
Good luck.


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Jul 6, 2009
  1. Dental Student
yeh i got mine tomorrow too @ 1.30. went golfing now just chilling
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