3-4 years in Beersheva?

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    I'm really REALLy interested in the international health program at BGU but I'm not sure about spending so much time in Beersheva. Do any BGU-ers have any comments about life in the Negev as a single, mid-20s gal? Other than university life, are there any cultural events going on in the city, museums, etc...?

    Also, I'm coming from a background in international development studies. I've done entry-level sciences classes (MCAT-level), so I was wondering how many students tend to be coming from arts degrees? Is the school generally helpful and supportive of those who require "catching up"?

    One last question/concern: What is the schedule like for M1 and M2 students? With all of the extra classes in international health, is there time for anything else?

    Phew! Any thoughts would be appreciated :D
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    Its basically 3 years in Beersheva. I actually just finished my three years and have a lot to comment regarding the challenge of living in a city like Beersheva.

    I come from a fairly large, cosmopolitan North American city and life in Beersheva was not easy at first. The city itself is basically your typical college town. Its a blue-collar place where life centers upon the university and the hospital. There are many restaurants and places to go out to, but not an overabundance. There is also a vibrant student-scene but its mainly during the week with little going on during weekends.

    A good thing is that Tel Aviv is only 90 minutes away by train so I found myself going up to Tel Aviv a lot. Jerusalem is also only 90 minutes away and I had the opportunity to spend half of my third year doing rotations in Jerusalem.

    To answer your other questions I also came from an arts background with the basic prerequisite science courses. The school is very supportive and M1/M2 are not that bad. M1 leaves you with A LOT of free time. M2 is really intense, but still plenty of time with vacations and long weekends to travel and enjoy yourself. During my 3 years in Israel I travelled all over Eastern Europe and also to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Jordan and Egypt and all over Israel.

    It was not a piece of cake. There were times that I felt truly miserable. The irony is that I had looked so forward to leaving Beersheva but after leaving I truly miss my life there. You can develop a fun routine with your friends in the school. There is a movie theatre, mall and little activities that are ongoing.

    Feel free to pvt message me if you have any more specific questions.

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