Feb 9, 2012
Okay finally my turn for a breakdown. I’ve taken the DAT 3 times and this is the first time that I have left the testing center feeling good about it.
2010 DAT 2011 DAT
AA 18 AA 19
TS 19 TS 19
PAT 18 PAT17
3rd and final DAT (5/18/2012)
PAT 20
QR 19
RC 22
Bio 22
GC 22
OC 20
TS 21
AA 21

By now everybody knows which study materials work and which do not. So I’ll attempt to give advice of a different sort.
There are two ways to look at the DAT. First as though it is this terrible thing that you just have to do. Or you can view it as a challenge which can actually be entertaining. I highly suggest the second.
Take care of yourself. The third time I took the DAT I treated exercise as an equally important component of my preparation. I don’t know if it really made a difference, but also I ate extremely well. I made serious attempts to stay as stress free as possible.
It is just another test. By now you have taken hundreds don’t let this one intimidate you. Yea its important, you just need to do whatever it takes for you to feel confidant when you walk in.
Work on your timing. If you get this down it is much easier to stay calm, which is very important. Calmly apply logic to every question you can frequently eliminate answer choices.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!
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Jun 28, 2008
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Nice Scores!!!
I am taking mine on June 1st, but I don't think I am ready for the QR section :(
How was topscore QR/RC section compare to real one? it looks like you got
similar number from your practice.
Feb 9, 2012
based on the test that I got, I feel that they are very similar. RC had a few more inference type questions on one of the passages. I thought topscore was spot on for QR. I feel like I choked a little bit on the QR, but then again I am terrible at math and I'm happy with my score.


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Feb 25, 2011
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Very glad you knocked it out of the park on the 3rd try, you should be very proud of your perseverance!