3rd year rotation schedule advice?

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Jan 29, 2009
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Hi all. I am a second year at stritch. We have our OB and peds rotations combined as well as our psych/family combined. We also do not have a schedule that allows med and surgery to be back to back...kind of lame...i am trying to figure out my schedule....i am interested in cards, GI, anesthesia, rads, and ophtho.....I know that I want my medicine clerkship to be before my surgery but do not know if i should start of with med or with my peds/ob rotation first...any advice, please???we have to pick by tomorrow and im stressin hard....Thank you in advance

Possible schedules: (you can flip flop peds/ob to be ob/peds and the same thing for fam/psych)

peds/ob - med - fam/psych - surgery
med - peds/ob - surg - fam/psych

thanks again

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do something you dont want to do last. i messed that one up
anyone else?

in case you still have time, I would recommend the following:
1- do what you don't what really early and really late.
2- Do what you think you might want to do in the middle, when you are not clueless AND when you still have time to arrange 4th year.
3- Outside that, if you have zero interest in OB, do it first. It's a special field that unless you dig it, will be hard to muster up fake interest (aka at the end of the year).
4- I'd be happy to say more, if it will make a difference.