4.0 gpa, 36 mcat, weak ECs

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May 10, 2014
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Excellent stats.

One weakness I see is lack of clinical experience other than shadowing. Some schools may be fine with this, and I think you'll still have a shot at your state schools and mid-tiers. For top tiers, you can go ahead and apply (it'll only cost you money and time), but realize that they heavily value research, and your ECs are likely very average for them. So they will be reaches (as they are for everyone).

Have you already applied? Because it is starting to get late this cycle. If you really want to aim for top tiers you should wait a year and build up more research and clinical activities.
The lack of clinical experience may very well hurt you. You'd be rejected at my school. Think outside the box: clinics, nursing homes and hospice. Try camps for sick children as well.

Hey everybody,

So, the medical school in my state is somewhat mediocre and has pretty low standards for a medical school, and my plan has always been to go there when I'm done with undergrad (at the same university). Because of this (and a few unfortunate circumstances that were somewhat out of my control), my ECs aren't extensive at all, although they are at a level that would be acceptable for my state school. However, I got back a 36 on my MCAT (12 PS/ 10 VR/ 14 BS), which was better than I was planning on getting, and since I have a 4.0 gpa, I was just curious as to whether or not I could maybe reach for a somewhat competitive school? My ECs are as follows:

*Two summer mission trips with my church, about two and a half weeks in total
*Somewhere between 50-70 hours physician shadowing by the end of the summer (when I'm applying) with a couple different specialties of doctors
*One semester research (data mining) where I was a co-author of a research abstract, although I unfortunately didn't put a whole lot of hours in
*Two summers working at a local grocery store
*About 200 hours volunteering as a chemistry tutor at my school
*About 50 hours miscellaneous volunteering elsewhere

So anyway, I realize my ECs suck, and it definitely would've been nice to have volunteering at a hospital. Unfortunately, my hometown hospital is not very open to things such as this, and it has been a struggle to try to get even shadowing going there, let alone volunteering. It's my own fault though, as is not having more research, because I waited until my sophomore year to try that, and I was unable to work it into my schedule. Like I said, I like my state school, and I have no problem going there--I have friends who will be going here, it's relatively inexpensive, etc.; I was just wondering if anybody thought I should bother trying to apply to a high level school? Or should I just not waste my time/money and instead only apply to my state school and lower-level schools as backups? Thanks, and good luck with everyone else applying!
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You should send in your application NOW so that it can get verified ASAP. You can put "expected" hours on AMCAS so don't worry about activities not finishing yet.
Ok, can I do that now even if my committee LOR isn't sent in yet? Also, if I'm planning on volunteering at the hospital in the fall semester, can I put that on my application as well?

Yes you can submit it without the committee letter because it will still take 1+ month for the application to verify. Once verified, schools will receive it and send you the secondary application. Once you fill that out and have the LOR in then you'll be complete. Proofread and submit asap.

No you cannot put the fall volunteering because you haven't started yet.