4 Years vs. 4 years + Internship

Discussion in 'China and Eastern Asia' started by gil t azel, Apr 20, 2007.

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    I understand the first three years are mostly theoretical subjects and last year and internship are meant to cover the clinical aspects of medicine. I am wondering if medical students who went straight into a US. Residency after 4 years of Filipino medical school feel adequately prepared to undergo a residency without an extra internship year? Should one stay for the internship or does one receive adequate training without internship? Can anyone please give me feedback? Thank You.
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    for the filams that i know they were confident enough to take the usmle after 4years without local internship.

    For most locals who wanted to go to the states, they stayed for internship as they wanted to take the philippine licensure exam FIRST before moving to usmle.

    The two situations are different.. a fil am has nothing to do with the philippine boards so why stay longer? the 5th year is only a requirement for the local exams anyway.

    Were they confident enough? im very sure they were.

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