Sep 12, 2020
  1. Non-Student
Hey y'all, we're doing a truly massive sale at Frameshift for Black Friday! For a limited time, use the promo code FRIDAY for 75% off your first month for any subscription. Since our prices normally start at $16/month, this means you can get access to daily livestreams with top-tier MCAT experts for a month for only $4!

Check out our packages here:

Our livestream topics are carefully chosen and cover content, strategy, and relevant areas of MCAT and premed advice. Some upcoming topics include:
  • Kinetic vs. thermodynamic control
  • Theoretical approaches to sociology
  • How to most effectively review an FL
  • Letters of rec in the admissions process
  • ...and a ton more!
In addition to daily livestreams, Frameshift also offers weekly CARS and science passage walkthroughs, guided exercises, science diagrams, and more. However you’re prepping for the MCAT, and whether you’re just getting started or making your final push, Frameshift MCAT can be your secret weapon. All at a tiny fraction of the price of expert guidance from other companies.

Let me know anytime if you have questions!

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