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A difficult situation


New Member
Jun 4, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Last year, my girlfriend and I broke up. There were some bad feelings and an old rivalry between us that spilled over into our friend groups. Our friend groups played a few minor pranks on each other. It started out innocent enough, albeit pretty dumb in retrospect. Then one night she and I got into a big argument about why we had broken up. I was annoyed and I said something about her that was pretty harsh without thinking. Clearly it hurt her feelings and her pride quite a bit. I felt bad about it the next day, and I was thinking about apologizing.

Then I get contacted by the Dean's office. Apparently, she had made a claim that I tried to force myself on her. Several of my friends vouched for me that they were present and nothing remotely like that happened. However, the administration preliminarily decided to consider it a conduct violation. This was right before I applied last year. I asked the Dean if it would be considered an IA, and he said yes. So I listed it on my application last year as an IA. I only got one interview invite and was rejected post interview.

I appealed the case. The administration reinterviewed a few witnesses, and one of her friends admitted this time that that wasn't what happened and she had made it up. The administration reversed their decision and exonerated me. I sent the Dean the instructions from AMCAS about reporting expunged IAs and asked him whether I should report it again this year according to the instructions. He said no, because the decision was overturned, not expunged, and the case was pending last year anyway, so technically I never received an IA from their perspective. Now I wish I had just waited a year to apply, but anyway…

When I got feedback on my application from one of the med schools, the admissions officer said that they would still probably reject me even if I explained in the IA box that I had been exonerated. He said even being accused of something like that looks pretty bad, and it probably means at best I probably did something unprofessional and of questionable judgement, and that's how they would view it. I hate to admit it, but part of me thinks he's probably right. I invited drama into my life. Someone at another school wasn't quite as blunt about it, but she basically hinted at the same thing.

I also have an IA for bad grades freshman year.

What should I do? If I reapply with the overturned IA and explanation, it looks like I would probably get rejected across the board again.

I could report the IA for low grades on AMCAS but simply not mention the false accusation conduct violation, which would be perfectly fine from an ethical standpoint according to my Dean and the rules as far as I can interpret them.
1. If I were to do that, how likely is it that screeners and ADCOMMs would scrutinize and compare the IA explanation from this year's and last year's application that they would even notice this?
2. How likely is it that they would look at last year's decision sheet/notes on me and notice the discrepancy that way?
3. If anyone did notice it, I realize they would probably reject me, but how likely is it that they would report me to AMCAS for the discrepancy?
4. If I were reported to AMCAS and for some reason AMCAS came to the conclusion that I had lied even though I didn't, I would be prevented from ever reapplying on AMCAS again, right? But would my application for this year be made null and void? Would they tell all the schools I applied to not to accept me?

Another option is that I could leave off any mention of the exonerated IA this cycle and only apply to schools I did not apply to last year.
5. If I did that, would ADCOMMs at the fresh schools be able to look up my previous AMCAS applications online, even though I never sent them to them? If so, how likely is this to actually happen?
6. If somehow I got blacklisted from AMCAS, would that prevent me from getting into a residency one day via the DO route?

I know this is a very bad situation, but I'm really hoping there's still some hope to salvage my medical career. Any input would be greatly appreciated. @Goro, @LizzyM, @Moko, @gyngyn, could you please offer me any insight into these questions?
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Alta California
Staff member
Volunteer Staff
7+ Year Member
Nov 4, 2011
  1. Attending Physician
1. At our school, re-applications are compared to the original. A disparity would be noticed.
2. Very likely.
3. I recommend that you contact AMCAS regarding your specific situation.
4. The result of the investigation would determine the outcome.
5. Old applications are only available to schools where you have previously applied.
6. I don't know.
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Dec 22, 2016
  1. Attending Physician
Sorry you are going through this. You are a victim of a false accusation. And the fact that someone dared to gaslight you by saying you "invited drama." That's like telling a woman she "asked for it." Having a bitter ex accuse you of attempted rape (a felony) isn't "inviting drama," REGARDLESS of what you said to her. It's her being a hideous POS and taking advantage of a system that assumes men are rapists, thereby leading to a year of your life being lost, and having your career potentially ruined. Just imagine if your friends hadn't been there to corroborate your story.
Personally I think your ex should have been kicked out of school for this. I would get a lawyer to help with your situation. The school "preliminarily" decided you might be a rapist and forced you to admit a nonexistent conduct violation, resulting in the rejections you received. Atrocious abuse of power.
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Full Member
5+ Year Member
Aug 19, 2016
  1. Medical Student
I dont know if this is possible, but maybe there is a way AMCAS can allow you to explain what happened to the schools that you previosly applied to while also not mention anything to schools you have not. I also don't know if that is a good idea. I'm really sorry this happened to you. I think you have a potential legal case against the school and your ex.
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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
  1. Non-Student
I'd recommend a LOR from your Dean explaining the situation that led to your being exonerated and the previously reported IA having been determined by a review board at the university to have been the result of a false report by a vindictive student.
I second my wise colleague's words.
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