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Nov 19, 2002
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a few questions that i hope you can help with:

I thought this whole time that sub + unsub stafford totals to ~ 30g's per year. Is this correct? I've been researching this today and turns out that the subsidized stafford max amount is 8500 and unsubsidized stafford max is 18500 minus the sub amount. That means the max you can get from uncle sam is 18500? The budget comes out to 47g's. Do i have to make up the rest with medaccess/Medachiever etc loans?

For both federal and private loans, ALL payments(on the principal AND interest) are deferred until the grace period ends after graduation, correct?

Also, I don't htink my parents are willing to cosign for any private loans, but I have a fantastic credit rating up til now. Will not having a cosigner be a problem if I need to go the private loan route?

Thanks! :thumbup:


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For medical school (allopathic or osteopathic) you can borrow up to $38,500 in Stafford loans (of which no more than $8,500 can be subsidized) each year. The $18,500 limit is for non-medical professional school. The aggregate Stafford loan amount (for all Stafford loans including undergraduate) is $189,500.
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