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Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by aye, Dec 7, 2005.

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    hey all.

    1. i just wanted to know how many semesters per year is it for your medical school. i know each one is different. i'm going to a carribean school in jan and theirs is 3 semesters per year...

    2. can someone tell me the relative scores of step 1 compared to the mcats? like i heard that a 240 is like getting a 40 on the mcats. is this true?

    3. anyone know of any foreign transfers in their class and how easy/difficult to do this? i might be trying to do this after my 2nd year in Ross.

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    1. We don't have semesters at my school- we have Units. First unit is anatomy, histology & embryology. Second is Biochem & physiology. We are on 2, so I am not sure what comes next. I know we get summer break in May.

    2. A 240 is more like a 33-35. A 270 would be more like a 40. This is just an estimate, but I know it a 40 on the MCAT would be a much higher step 1 than 240.

    3. it will be very hard if not impossible to transfer. The only time I have heard of this happening is if you have some deep personal reason (sick mother, etc).... and coming from a carribean school, it will be even harder.

    You should probably consider going to a DO school or waiting and trying to get into somewhere in the states, if you really want to graduate from a US medical school. You cannot plan on transfering because the likelihood of that happening will be close to 0.
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    We don't have semesters either. We have terms 3 terms a year, with an exam at the end of each term. Then we have a humungus exam covering all of the pre-clinical subjects when you've finished them.

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