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Aug 15, 2003
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Hi everyone, I was just wondering,

1. I know AADSAS starts their online application on May 17th, so do they start accepting transcripts and LOR even before that date on May 1st? Or I read it somewhere on their website saying not to send in anything before June 1st? :confused:

2. As for those matching forms of LOR, I'm sure you need to have one regardless whether your prof. to send it directly or you send it yourself. But for your transcript, it seems that you only need that matching form if you are letting your school registrar send it directly to AADSAS, whereas if you send it yourself, then you don't need one, correct?

3. I would just like to know in general, how many schools do people apply to, with a GPA around 3.4?

Thanks! :)


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Oct 7, 2001
For your three questions:

1. I sent my stuff in 5-6 days PRIOR to filling out the online application. However, I would call them to verify the date you can send them materials. Although the website may say June 1, it may be outdated information. Call them if you are the least bit hesitant, but I would say that sending your stuff in a week or so early wouldn't hurt.

2. The matching forms help to tie your papers to your file. My thoughts are that it can't hurt to have them attached to your LORs and to your transcripts, while the opposite may not be true. I recall attaching one to my transcript (or rather I gave it to the registrar and she did it). It's not a difficult task, so I'd go ahead and do it with the realization that it would stink for something to hold up your file simply because you didn't attach the card.

3. Depends on your DAT scores, your grade trend (started out low then rose to a 3.4, or had a 4.0 then dropped to a 3.4, or held steady at 3.4?), and your state of residence (public school in your state, WICHE member, or forced to apply to privates?), to name a few.

ON AVERAGE people would probably apply to 6-8 schools, but that is going to vary based on what I've writtten above.

Good luck with the cycle!
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